Garage Door Service: Things That Lead to the Failure of Your Garage Door Springs


It can be frustrating to drive home from work only to find a broken garage door. Having to leave the vehicle in the driveway puts it at risk of vandalism. Moreover, a malfunctioning door can be an easy access point for thieves into your home. Not knowing what is wrong with the door might push your patience to the limits. However, your troubles may get easier when you know some of the common reasons why garage doors fail to open. 

Springs top the list of things that lead to garage door malfunction. Here are three things that can lead to spring failure and require you to hire a garage door service. 

When the Springs Have Undergone Natural Wear and Tear

The first reason your garage door might fail is excessive wear and tear. Repeated movements of the door cause the springs to wear down over time. While it is true that good practices in garage door maintenance reduce the chances of failure, a time will come when you can no longer control the damage. When this happens, you will have no choice but to replace the springs. 

Every garage door manufacturer stipulates how many cycles of opening and closing that the torsion springs will endure before they start malfunctioning. If your garage door springs have served you longer than the stated time, it may be necessary to replace them.

When the Springs Are Excessively Rusted

The second most common reason why garage door springs fail is rust. Ideally, you should oil and lubricate the springs regularly to minimize rusting. However, contact between the springs and water often leads to rust. Rust increases the friction between the garage door's springs and other parts, speeding up damage. You should contact a garage door repair technician when your springs begin to rust. They will check the extent of rusting and offer a suitable solution. 

When You Mismatch the Garage Door Springs

The other main cause of garage door spring problems is when you match your door with the wrong springs. When you use inappropriate springs, they will not be able to handle the weight of the door. This often leads to untimely wear and tear of your garage door. To avoid that, it is advisable to consult with a professional before installing springs on your door. They will help you match your door with the right springs. 

Considering the critical role of the springs, you should call a garage door service as soon as you notice anything unusual with the springs. Find a reputable and specialized garage door repair specialist for professional and excellent solutions. 

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9 March 2021

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