Reasons To Upgrade Your Garage With A Sectional Door


The garage door stretches across a large section of your home's facade. Thus, a shabby, tattered one will cheapen the look of the entire landscape. Consider the following reasons to restore your garage with a new sectional door.

Mechanism Suits Numerous Buildings

Consisting of multiple horizontal panels that hinge together, sectional doors open by sliding upwards and across the garage ceiling. This mechanism only requires minimal headspace — the area between the top of the opening and the ceiling. The design thus serves many structures, unlike other styles that depend upon generous headroom. Remember though that the panels slide over the ceiling — consuming overhead storage space. 

Decorative Accents

A uniform door with no embellishments can look dreary. Because sectional garage doors consist of numerous individual panels, it's easy to include decorative flourishes. For instance, you could add a panel with windows to relieve the sameness — make sure to harmonise their style to the windows on your home. You'll enjoy a brighter garage with extra daylight. Other options for an accent panel include an embossed design or one with vents that allow for flowing fresh air.

Material Choice

The panels on sectional doors are available in materials such as steel, aluminium, vinyl and timber, and they, thus, sympathise with diverse architectural styles. You could experiment with the door texture. Modern facades often contrast cladding materials rather than sticking with one, so a home might be part-weatherboard and part-brick. You could continue this theme with the door, adding a rustic element with a timber sectional door that echos other wood components elsewhere on the facade. You'll have endless design choices with the panels, and you won't have to stay with metal only. Though you could also create a sleek metal door, or install a painted or stained timber door on a traditional home.

Convenient Entry

Because sectional doors move upwards rather than tilting outwards, you can park close to the garage before opening it. This adds convenience, particularly if you've several cars using the driveway, or the pavement doesn't cover a broad area. 

Easy To Repair

When choosing a new garage door, you need to consider maintenance should it sustain damage in the future. Using individual panels, these doors are easy to fix in that you can replace one section only rather than the entire door if it has a ding or dent. 

Thus, sectional doors offer a wide variety of design options while using space practically. Plus, their structure of individual panels makes updates straightforward.

For more ideas, reach out to a local garage door company.


28 July 2020

Open Chat: Making A Statement With Garage Doors

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