Why You Shouldn't Skip the Safety Audits Meant for Industrial Roller Garage Doors


Industrial roller shutter garage doors are widely used by large businesses, schools, hospitals and various industrial facilities. 

If you have these doors installed at your industrial facility, you will need to have safety audits performed on them on occasion. These audits are designed to ensure that your door continues functioning properly and safely post-installation. Any problems with the door are highlighted and remedial action recommended.

Unfortunately, some industrial facility managers skip industrial roller garage door safety audits. This is because they may not fully understand the implications of skipping these audits.

Here are a few possible consequences of skipping industrial roller garage door safety audits.

It poses a threat to human safety and property

As already mentioned above, the periodic safety audits performed on industrial roller shutter garage doors help to ensure the doors keep working correctly and safely. Failure to conduct these audits may mean that any problem with the doors may not be identified and remedied early enough.

If faulty doors aren't repaired in good time, they can malfunction and hurt someone in the process. This can lead to personal injury claims as well as costly damage to your property.

It can tarnish the reputation of your facility

Keep in mind that people generally avoid industrial facilities that don't prioritise safety. Your facility may be greatly discredited if word gets around that a garage door accident happened at the facility.

If such an incident is found to have occurred due to negligence, your facility will be depicted in a bad light. Winning people's trust again may prove to be a big challenge. Therefore, it is best to ensure your facility doesn't suffer serious reputation damage by ensuring safety audits are performed as required.

It can lead to compliance issues

Every business must be operated within the confines of the applicable legislation. Where safety audits are a requirement of the law, failing to perform the audits can put your company in trouble with the law enforcement agencies.

Ensuring industrial roller garage door safety audits are carried out as required by the law will help to ensure the safety of everyone, protect the professional image of your facility and ensure legal compliance. 

Industrial roller garage door safety audits should be performed by a qualified industrial garage door technician. Industrial roller garage doors are large moving components that require expert handling. Although this will cost you money, the benefits that you stand to gain by far outweigh the costs you'll incur.


27 March 2019

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