Preparing Yourself for a Garage Door Service


Garage doors are opened and closed on almost a daily basis. Therefore, wear and tear is bound to happen at some point in time. Identifying the best garage door service available can give homeowners peace of mind whenever they experience problems opening or closing their garage doors.

Anticipating when garage doors need servicing

It is difficult to know in advance just when the door will stop operating, because most garage doors die without many warning signs. There is no audible snap when springs break, and no parts tend to dangle loosely.

Garage door problems can also occur randomly, such as when the door slams on your car or against any other hard surface. In addition, the weather could play a role. Freezing and ice build-ups on the doors exerting pressure on the operational parts.

Other common issues experienced are the obstruction of the sensor, problems with the garage door opener, and obstructions with the wheel track. Squealing or screeching when the door is opening and closing is another common garage door issue.

What do garage door repairs involve?

Garage door services often involve repairing the torsion spring, motor, belt or door arm. These parts experience the most wear and tear, and are often in greatest need of repair. The best garage door service should involve:

  • A price book or price list that shows the prices of all the parts that need replacement. The labor costs of the service provider should also be clearly outlined either verbally or in writing.
  • Proper analysis of the problem that the garage door is facing. This involves using appropriate and effective tools that can check the working of the garage doors in order to identify faulty parts. The cause of the problem, in addition to the problem itself, is also important to resolve. This avoids the need for repeated visits due to the same recurring problem.
  • The repairer should provide a warranty for the repair work that is done. Such a warranty acts as a quality assurance mechanism, where the service that was carried out is reliable. Issues encountered as a result of the repair will be covered under the warranty at no cost to the homeowner.

Identifying a quality garage door service

The right garage door service not only restores your doors back to full functionality, but they can also provide additional services that give you peace of mind when using your garage. This includes exceptional customer support, where the repairers can be easily contacted incase customers experience any issues. The best repair services also offer accurate quotes, and use high quality components to restore your garage doors to full working condition. 


14 September 2017

Open Chat: Making A Statement With Garage Doors

Welcome all. I am a builder by trade and I specialise in home renovations. The garage seems to be one of the most popular rooms for renovation as people seek to incorporate new uses such as a billiards room or party area. I reorganise storage space and brighten the walls and floors. Of course, all this costs thousands of dollars, yet many clients insist on keeping their old garage door. I find this very frustrating because the right door can change the whole appearance of a home and provide so much more functionality for the garage space. After speaking to clients, I realise that many people just don't know the options available. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, my blog may be able to help you choose a garage door that makes a statement and suits your needs. I hope you like browsing these pages. Thank you.