Which Is Better for a Garage? A Roller Door or a Swing-Out Door?


A strong and secure automatic garage door is perhaps more important than you realize, as that door helps to keep items in the garage secure while also enhancing the curb appeal of your home. When you need to shop for a new garage door, you usually need to choose between a roller door and a swing-out door; note a few factors to consider so you are sure to choose the best type and style for your home.


You may assume that one style of garage door is louder than the other, but noise from a garage door results from poorly maintained chains, tracks, and other metal pieces. If these pieces are not oiled and are allowed to develop rust and corrosion, they will creak and groan as the garage works. This can also allow a swing-out door to shake as it lifts and lowers, creating noise. A roller door that moves along a track against the doorframe may not shake and rattle this way; however, you also need to keep that track oiled and in good repair to keep it quiet. When it comes to noise, either a roller door or swing-out door will be quiet if maintained properly.

Replacing panels

A roll-up door will be made in separate panels that are connected by hinges, as they each fold up at the top of the doorframe. When one panel is damaged, you can replace it without having to replace the entire door.

A swing-out door is made in one long sheet of metal or solid piece of wood; some will be made of two panels that are joined in a seam down the middle of the door. This can make it more expensive to address severe damage; even if you only need to replace one side panel of the swing-out door, it's usually more costly than replacing a single panel of a roller door. If you have kids who use the garage door as a backdrop for playing or know your garage is at risk for damage for any reason, a roller door may be the better option.


The R-value of any material refers to how well it insulates a space. In many cases, a solid panel door will have a better R-value, because it won't be made in small separate panels with gaps behind them. If you work in your garage, or need maximum protection against the elements for your car, sporting goods, and the like, opt for a solid panel door with a high R-value for added insulation.


28 June 2017

Open Chat: Making A Statement With Garage Doors

Welcome all. I am a builder by trade and I specialise in home renovations. The garage seems to be one of the most popular rooms for renovation as people seek to incorporate new uses such as a billiards room or party area. I reorganise storage space and brighten the walls and floors. Of course, all this costs thousands of dollars, yet many clients insist on keeping their old garage door. I find this very frustrating because the right door can change the whole appearance of a home and provide so much more functionality for the garage space. After speaking to clients, I realise that many people just don't know the options available. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, my blog may be able to help you choose a garage door that makes a statement and suits your needs. I hope you like browsing these pages. Thank you.