4 Signs You Might Benefit from a Side-Opening Garage Door


Side-opening garage doors aren't for everyone; in fact, the majority of homeowners will find a vertically-opening door more advantageous. Be that as it may, there are some people who will find side-opening doors are perfect. Here are just four signs you should consider using one.

1. You Enter and Exit Your Garage Regularly

For many homeowners, the garage is a place to keep the car and a few of their tools. However, others will be in and out of the garage all day. For example, you might have turned the space into a workshop or a rec-room. If this is the case, a side-opening garage door is likely to appeal. This is because they can be designed to open in certain splits. Instead of having the entire door swing open from one point, you can have two wings that swing open from the centre. You can also have one smaller section that opens just like a regular door. This is great if you need to get in and out a lot since you won't have to keep opening and closing the garage.

2. You're Worried About Energy Loss

The garage can be very hard to insulate. This is partly because most doors open vertically; for this to happen without placing too much strain on the mechanism, those doors need to be quite thin, which robs them of most of their insulating materials. This isn't as much of an issue with side-opening doors, which can usually be built quite thick. Additionally, you won't let very much hot or cool air out when you open or close the door. Of course, the fact that side-opening doors help maintain a more comfortable temperature inside your garage is also going to be nice if you need to spend plenty of time in there.

3. You Have an Oddly-Sized Garage

One of the issues with vertically-opening garage doors is that they tend to be limited in terms of size, but that's not usually a problem since most garages are fairly uniform in their dimensions. However, people with properties that have uncommonly large or small garages will find it easier to use a side-opening door.

4. You Want Maximum Storage Space

Almost everyone uses their garage for storage to some degree, but some people have a lot of items that need to be accommodated. Vertically-opening doors can interfere with their wishes since the ceiling cannot be used to hang items. Additionally, the opening mechanism will take up a considerable amount of wall-space. Side-opening doors typically open outwards instead of inwards, and they require very little beyond a single large hinge, so you'll be able to utilize your garage's storage potential to its fullest.


22 June 2017

Open Chat: Making A Statement With Garage Doors

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