Faulty Garage Doors


You might not give much notice or attention to your garage roller door while it is working smoothly. Due to the mechanisms of the door, it is bound to warrant your attention with time.

Common signs of trouble

You need someone to look at your garage door if you notice:

  • It is noisy when opening or closing. 
  • The door is not opening or it opens halfway then stalls.
  •  It is hard to open.
  • The door sags to one side or bounces on the tracks when opening or closing.

Common causes of trouble for garage roller doors

1. Tracks

Many times the track could be deformed by dents or bumps. This can occur at the point where it curves. In such a case, the track needs to be hammered gently back to shape.

The track could also be misaligned, this can be remedied by its realignment.

In other cases, there is dirt or obstruction on the track. It could be a gooey substance that has formed on the tracks and causes friction so that rollers do not spin as they should. A simple cleaning should do the trick. Read the user manual to know the cleaning agents you can use on your garage door tracks.

2. Rollers

The cause of a noisy door is often friction. You need to lubricate your rollers regularly if they are made of steel. For plastic rollers, you don't have to lubricate, but you can use silicon spray. Sometimes the rollers are worn out and need replacement.

3. Hinges

They could be loose and need tightening. Sometimes they need replacing if they are broken or deformed.

4. Springs

The problem with your garage door can be the result of a faulty spring. It is never a good idea to try repairing the spring yourself, the risk of injury is high. Always call garage roller door repair professionals to take a look at them.

5. Panels

There can be a problem with the door paneling, it can be repaired or needs outright replacement due to being loose. Either way a professional garage door repair service is needed to address it.

6. Cable

The cable could be frayed or severely weakened if exposed to friction and has to be replaced.


Carrying out simple maintenance like lubrication and cleaning can go a long way in prolonging the lifespan of your garage door. Know the right lubricants for different parts of the garage door. The instructions will be in the manual if you are not sure which lubricants you should use, ask a professional for assistance or call the manufacturer.

 A precaution you must take is never let your hand or fingers be near any moving parts of the door when it is opening or closing.


25 April 2017

Open Chat: Making A Statement With Garage Doors

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