Garage Door Problems You Can Avoid With Easy Service


Garage doors are essential features of our homes. While a garage door problem may not immediately register as the "home emergency of the year", the nature of people tending to ignore these little problems often ends up with you having a giant pain-of-a garage door problem. Many people without consistent garage door service, in fact, may attest to how annoying, time consuming, and costly their small routine fixes are becoming in their lives. The following are some problems commonly associated with garage doors, and how having a reliable garage door service provider actually helps you with them easily.

Garage door won't close

Many people immediately assume that either something is stuck in the coils and springs, or their controller just isn't transmitting. While a couple of these situations are indeed caused by faulty remotes and such, there are situations when servicing would have been the more permanent solution to the real problem. For people with electronic remote-controlled garage doors, for instance, the problem may be with the photo eye. Photo eyes are two transmitting sensors that project light between each other. In the presence of an obstacle, the ray does not travel fully between the beams causing the photo eyes to prevent the door from closing. Garage door service providers will check your photo eyes and confirm if they are functioning properly.

Sometimes, a buildup of dust on these sensors is enough to result in irregular closing patterns of your garage doors. Did you know that your garage doors may also be refusing to close due to interference. If your neighborhood is especially comprised of similar homes with similar garage doors, the interference from your neighbors remotes and sensors may be the reason for your "temperamental" garage door glitches.

Uneven closing

Another common garage door problem that materializes as your door ages is misalignment of the tracks. The weight of the doors, coupled with the constant opening and closing of these doors causes pulls in some regions in the tracks, resulting in uneven closing. The continued use of the door also progressively wears off the tension on the springs. While simple DIY readjustments and cleaning of springs and tracks sometimes gets the job done, you may likely, however, have to do this more and more often until a complete breakdown. Unevenly closing garage doors preset more danger as you continue to solve them with temporary solutions. Garage door service providers are the best solution if you want a permanent fix. Not only is their cleaning more thorough, they can asses why there is uneven tension on the springs and correct it. They can also recommend materials such as appropriate lubricants, change of bearings and tracks, and such crucial matters that if left unchecked, compound to greater future problems.


17 April 2017

Open Chat: Making A Statement With Garage Doors

Welcome all. I am a builder by trade and I specialise in home renovations. The garage seems to be one of the most popular rooms for renovation as people seek to incorporate new uses such as a billiards room or party area. I reorganise storage space and brighten the walls and floors. Of course, all this costs thousands of dollars, yet many clients insist on keeping their old garage door. I find this very frustrating because the right door can change the whole appearance of a home and provide so much more functionality for the garage space. After speaking to clients, I realise that many people just don't know the options available. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, my blog may be able to help you choose a garage door that makes a statement and suits your needs. I hope you like browsing these pages. Thank you.