Two ways to improve the appearance and functionality of your garage


The garage is usually one of the most neglected areas of a property. This fact, coupled with the amount of wear and tear it sustains through daily use and exposure to the elements, means that it can often end up looking very run-down and dingy. If you're fed up of the current condition of your garage, here are two things you can to improve both its appearance and its functionality.

Remove corrosion from your garage door

The components of most garage doors (such as the hinges, handles and springs) are normally made from metal; because of this, long-term exposure to humidity and rain can cause them to corrode.

Corrosion won't just affect the overall appearance of your garage; it could also impact the door's structural integrity which, in turn, may make your garage less secure. Additionally, the unsightly holes created by extensive corrosion may lead to rainwater seeping into your garage, which could lead to the items you keep in this part of your property being damaged.

As such, it's worth putting some effort into addressing this issue. For this job, you will need a few pieces of ultrafine sandpaper, as well as a steel scouring pad, a pot of primer and some paint. If possible, try to source a primer which is rust-resistant, so that you can prevent the development of additional corrosion in the future.

Using the steel scouring pad, scrub off any visible patches of corrosion. When you're finished, use the sandpaper to smooth out the scrubbed sections of the door. This will create a level surface for the primer that you will then apply. Make sure that the primer is completely dry before adding the final coat of paint.

Do a deep-clean

Because the garage is normally used as a storage and parking space, rather than a living area, it's all too easy to ignore the accumulation of dust, dirt and grime in this part of your home. However, if it's been months (or perhaps years!) since you last gave your garage a thorough clean, you may be shocked at what a difference doing so makes to its appearance.

Start off with the floor. Using a hard-bristled outdoor brush and a basin of soapy water, scrub every inch of the concrete. You can then rinse off the suds with either a hose or a bucket of clean water. If there are oil stains from your car that cannot be removed with this cleaning method, try putting a diluted solution of bleach into a spray bottle and spritzing the stains with this liquid; whilst this may not completely remove them, it should help to lighten them to the point where they are not quite as noticeable.

A fresh basin of soapy water should be used for the garage door, along with a soft-bristled cleaning brush (this is important, as hard bristles will be abrasive and could end up scratching the surface of the door). After a thorough scrubbing, rinse away any remaining suds with a hose, and after allowing the door to dry completely, apply a thin layer of finishing wax addition to add a lovely sheen to the door, this will also act as a protective barrier that will reduce damage caused by car bumps and exposure to the elements.


17 March 2017

Open Chat: Making A Statement With Garage Doors

Welcome all. I am a builder by trade and I specialise in home renovations. The garage seems to be one of the most popular rooms for renovation as people seek to incorporate new uses such as a billiards room or party area. I reorganise storage space and brighten the walls and floors. Of course, all this costs thousands of dollars, yet many clients insist on keeping their old garage door. I find this very frustrating because the right door can change the whole appearance of a home and provide so much more functionality for the garage space. After speaking to clients, I realise that many people just don't know the options available. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, my blog may be able to help you choose a garage door that makes a statement and suits your needs. I hope you like browsing these pages. Thank you.