Three Care and Maintenance Guidelines for Garage Door Openers


Garage door openers are designed as strong structures, and they are built to provide long-term service to the consumer. However, they are not completely infallible, so they are subject to eventual degradation. Therefore, you should perform maintenance to prevent accelerated wear and promote prolonged efficiency. If your door opener is neglected, it will fail prematurely, necessitating extensive repairs or replacement. Here are the some of the most critical care and maintenance guidelines for your home garage door opener.

Check the Manual Function

The automatic garage door opener is convenient because it allows you to access your space without leaving your automobile. This expediency during operation means that the manual release is easily overlooked for long periods of time. Unfortunately, the neglect can pose extensive problems if the automated features fail. Therefore, you should periodically check the function of the manual release to ensure that you have a back-up opening system. This is particularly important if you do not have a battery in case of power outage. You can easily check the manual function by shutting down power supply to the opener and operating the door. If there is damage, you should commission immediate repairs.

Lubricate the Rollers

The rollers are critical components in a garage door's opening system. Therefore, you should lubricate the modules regularly, whether you have a chain, belt or screw drive opener. For the best results, you should use the lubricant recommended by your manufacturer or supplier. However, you can also use normal engine oil or other similar oil. When performing this task, apply the oil on the rollers and allow the door to roll for even lubrication. You should avoid using any greasy lubricant because the material will attract dust and other types of debris. These will increase friction and compromise functionality. In addition, check the roller tracks and ensure that they are free of dirt.

Check the Cables and Springs

The opening systems in garage doors incorporate cables and springs. These are critical in supporting and moving the doors during operation. Therefore, you should inspect the cables for signs of mechanical damage and general fraying. If there is significant degradation, you might need to replace them. You should also make certain that the springs are properly connected and tightly secured. The springs should also be lightly lubricated. This will limit the risk of the component clumping and jamming the opening system.

If you notice anomalies or decreased performance in the garage door operation, you should engage a technician for immediate resolution. 


20 January 2017

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